Kitchen design of all styles and price points

At Fix My Kitchen Design, we can provide just that support you need. We are neither about selling kitchens, nor are we tied to any particular manufacturers. We have extensive knowledge of the market and, most importantly, a wealth of experience in designing kitchens to suit all styles and budgets.

So here’s how we can help you: 
modern kitchen with chairs

Receive advice on a design you have had done or on a layout you are contemplating for your kitchen
modern large kitchen design with table on middle

Have a kitchen design created by some of the world’s most experienced and creative kitchen designers
beautiful white kitchen

Read the do's and don’ts of kitchen design. Find details to be considered when planning a kitchen


If you have had a kitchen design done, have your own ideas for the layout or have no idea where to start, we can advise you. We can talk you through all the important aspects of the design of your kitchen. We will even send you a full written assessment. This will include suggestions and ideas. 

Our suggestions will help you in the following areas:

• Safety
• Functionality
• Style (does it suit you?)
• Practicality
• How to get the best value

Of course, you are then free to take up our suggestions or not. After all, this is YOUR kitchen, not somebody’s design. FMKD’s advice is unbiased and free of association. We are not constrained by a sales target. We are not trying to upsell you something you don’t need. 

Normally, you would expect that we would make a small charge for this service. However, for a limited period, this service is absolutely free. What’s more, our advice may very well save you thousands of pounds. You can choose to receive our advice online (via email) or by telephone discussion (we will call you, so you don’t even pay for the call), where, if necessary, I can explain or add details to my suggestions.



If you would like to have a kitchen design created by one of the world’s most experienced and creative kitchen designers, nothing could be simpler. All we need is your room plan and for you to fill out a questionnaire which we will send to you. You will then receive:

• Full CAD plans with measurements
• Elevations with measurements
• Perspectives (photo realistic perspectives are available for an extra charge; please see details below)
• Bill of Quantity – with sizes and description of each component required

You will then be able to shop around taking this information with you. Whether you choose a national chain, local specialist, local handyman or DIY outlet, you will be in a position of strength to negotiate and chose the best deal and quality.


For no extra charge, let us find the best deal for you. Remember we are NOT selling you anything here. We are NOT tied to any one chain, outlet or brand. But we do have extensive knowledge of the industry and a wide network of contacts. We will simply ask around for you and find the best dealer in your area. We will approach that dealer for you and further investigate that they are the right people for you (we will know if they know what they are talking about). Then we will send them your plan (not your details at this stage – we don’t want you pestered by pushy sales people or embarrassed if you decide to buy elsewhere). We will ask them to price your kitchen and we will negotiate the very best deal for you. If we find more than one dealer that fits the bill, we will approach them all.

We then pass all this information back to you and you can then choose which one, if any, you want to contact. Remember you are in control. Visit their showroom, interview them, ask to see their finished work and use the usual due diligence to make your choice. 



You can read our blog where we try to explain some of the dos and don’ts of kitchen design. We try to use real life scenarios to illustrate the important details to be considered when planning a kitchen. FKMD blog is still work in progress, so as yet we haven’t anywhere near covered all the issues, but we hope it will still help.
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