I had a kitchen designed by Ross Pinkerton 4 years ago in Dubai. I was delighted with it then and as the years have gone by I have grown to appreciate it more. It was expertly designed and I have not had a single problem with it. 

Ross created the most work-friendly, beautiful kitchen I have ever had. And I have had many. I am still so impressed by how he managed to create such spacious storage in limited space, how readily accessible every part of the kitchen is, how easy it is to keep clean, how four people can work in it at the same time and still have space, and how elegant it is. 

Ross was full of the most practical and realistic advice during the planning and really took into consideration all my preferences. The whole process was effortless and efficient. I really did get the kitchen I wanted and I love being in it. 

Thank you Ross!




I had the privilege of Ross Pinkerton’s invaluable advice when we needed to renovate our kitchen and, while my husband favoured the practicality of a bright and shiny new modern minimalist kitchen, I was pining for a warm, inviting, more traditional cosy space in what was the epicentre (my husband’s word for it) or heart of our home as I would put it. Ross managed to find a solution which not only made me appreciate the practicality of efficient space planning that my husband was after, but in turn made my husband see the importance of making this practical space a beautiful interior space in its own right. 

And when I got carried away with the space efficiency side of things (i.e. trying to put a custom-built kitchen cupboard in every free inch of space), it was Ross who reminded me of what my initial vision was for the kitchen - as ‘the heart of the home’ and gave me the idea to put free-standing kitchen dressers to give that farmhouse gather round the kitchen table feel to the space – it meant using cabinets that I already had and just repainting them to matching the new fitted units - saving us a few pennies there and allowing us to splurge elsewhere – namely the gargantuan fridge and freezer my husband had been dreaming of. With Ross at the helm of the kitchen renovation, miraculously, BOTH my husband and I got our dream kitchen. 

On time, and installed perfectly without a hitch and all while enjoying our summer holiday abroad. It's where we cook, eat, work and dream up ideas for the rest of the house. Thank you Ross! 



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